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Matte Black Straight Razor /w Multiple Circle Cutouts

Matte Black Straight Razor /w Multiple Circle Cutouts has a rating of stars based on reviews.

$ 19.95

Barber-Grade Straight Razors for a Professional Shave!

Handle: 5.5"
Color: Black
Blade Type: Standard Disposable Razor Blades
Design: Multiple Circle Cutouts
Brand: Blade Holder Imprinted with the Detroit Grooming Co. Logo

The sharp, thin blade in this amazing barber-grade straight razor allows for a precise, clean, and ultra-close cut of beards, hair lines, and mustaches. In addition, the entire razor is pliable and manufactured for the best grip, rotation, and control possible. This particular straight razor has thumb notches and cutouts for even better control and truly giving you the best shave possible!

Not only will this straight razor give you an ultra-close shave, but your face will stay baby-bottom smooth for a very long time!

Benefits of Straight Razor Shaving

Many wet shave enthusiasts have come to believe that straight razors offer the smoothest and closest shave possible, while also swear that your face will stay smooth for a longer duration ;)

In fact, straight razor shaving is an art that many men are taking up again. It's not an area that solely belongs to the barber anymore. A large sharpened piece of steel on your face is the ultimate vintage way to shave!

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