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The OG Woody Safety Razor

$ 39.95 USD

The Best Safety Razor You'll Ever Own!

Constructed with the utmost elegance and the highest quality manufacturing, The OG wood handle safety razor is the perfect men's double edged safety razor.

"This amazing safety razor is Made for men who want to experience the best shave using a double edge safety razor to achieve an effortlessly smooth close shave."  Add in our Manistee lotion and aftershave and you'll have the perfect men's razor kit.



  • Open Comb Safety Razor
  • Double Edge Straight Razor
  • 100% wood handle
  • Chrome finish
  • High Quality design & construction


This classy safety razor has been fitted with industry-leading open comb safety razor head. In addition, this well-balanced razor features an attractively wood handle and chrome finish .The model is constructed with the highest quality.

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**Blades sold separately

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
John Eggenberger (Chicago, US)

My Dad got this for me as a gift and I love it!

Ben McMullan (DuPont, US)
Gorgeous to look at gorgeous to use

I’ve been shaving with this handle for a couple years now. It’s beautiful. It’s balance is towards the head, and the wooden handle is beautiful to look at and comfortable to hold. The nickel finish is a wonderful trim, and it makes shaving a joy. Definitely recommend!

Steve S. (Washington, US)
OG Safety razor

Instantly canceled my cartridge subscription. DGC is my favorite. Wooden handle and shave stand make my razor set look dignified.

Paula C (Montvale, US)
My dad loves this!

My dad turned 67 and his hands don't works as well as they use to. He's always used a proper barber shop razer until recently. He loves this razer.

Zachary Lombardo (Olmsted Falls, US)
Close, But No Cigar.....

First off, I want to give high marks for customer service. I purchased this during the height of the pandemic and understanding that mail would be disrupted it took a little longer than expected (10 days). Once I followed up with them on the wait time I received even more support and wouldn’t you know when I had gotten home from work that afternoon, there it was in all it’s anticipated glory. As I usually shave on the weekends and it happened to be a Friday I took the time to set up my shaving station and when I opened up the box I was very please with the weight and length of this safety blade. It’s durable, holds good counterbalance from end to end and even has the companies logo on the face. The dark wooden handle is a nice breath of fresh air from all these other name brand disposables that gave unnecessary cheesy “futuristic design”. A nice piece that will fit in with my other straight blades and vintage razors. However, unless I am mistaken and I double checked the web-sight before posting this; no double edge safety blade was to be found. Triple checking my surroundings I had no blade to use with my new razor. Given the circumstances and how good customer service was I can side step this bummer, but any new razor should always come with a blade. Would give a five star review but without a blade it’s just decoration.