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Beard Grooming News Items for Detroit Grooming Co.
'Black' Beard Oil - 1 oz. Bottle - Amber Bourbon
$ 21.95
The Corktown Beard Oil - 1 oz. Bottle - Detroit Grooming Co.
$ 21.95
Belle Isle Beard Oil - 1 oz. Bottle - Detroit Grooming Co.
$ 21.95
Teakettle Beard Oil - 1 oz. Bottle - Detroit Grooming Co.
$ 21.95
Cedar Springs Beard Oil - 1 oz. Bottle - Detroit Grooming Co.
$ 21.95
The Orchard Lake Beard Oil - 1 oz. Bottle - Detroit Grooming Co.
$ 21.95
The Mackinac Beard Oil - 1 oz. Bottle - Detroit Grooming Co.
$ 21.95
The Downtown Beard Oil - 1 oz. Bottle - Detroit Grooming Co.
$ 21.95
'Black' Beard Oil - 0.5 oz. Bottle - Amber Bourbon
$ 12.95
Beard Oil Kit - The Greektown Double Down - Detroit Grooming Co.
$ 39.95
The Corktown Beard Oil - 0.5 oz. Bottle - Detroit Grooming Co.
$ 12.95
Belle Isle Beard Oil - 0.5 oz. Bottle - Detroit Grooming Co.
$ 12.95

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Beard Oil - Beard Care - Mens Grooming Company

We at Detroit Grooming Co. have a passion for beard care and all things facial hair. We believe that we share this passion with many other ardent beard enthusiasts, and want, with their help, to bring beards back to the forefront of public life. For too long now, beards have become a taboo trend, connoting either dirty, disheveled and unkempt hygienic behaviors, or hyper-masculine and macho social behaviors. At DGC, we want to emphasize the absolute simplicity of the beard and strip away all of the other projections that seems to attach themselves over time. Beards are not dirty, they aren’t wild, and they aren’t just for villains in films. Beards simply are.

Our mission at Detroit Grooming Co. is to produce the finest in men’s grooming products. We use only the highest quality of ingredients to create unique scents for the refined tastes of the discerning gentleman. And we make all of our merchandise in small, handmade batches to ensure that we reach the zenith of quality care for out clientele.

Beards being our passion, we started off aiming to create and distribute the best beard oil for the best beards in town. Again, using premium ingredients to produce the best substances around, we take our beard oil very seriously. All of our oils contain a base of sweet almond oil, which serves to nourish, moisturize and revitalize your beard, leaving whiskers physically and visibly healthy from root to tip.

Our four distinct beard oils are all named for the state that has given us refuge throughout our careers. Corktown, named for the oldest neighborhood in Detroit, blends vanilla and tobacco flavors with a subtle hint of cedar. Mackinac, sharing its name with the timeless island in Lake Huron, brings forth a notion of peppermint with that signature touch of cedar. Orchard Lake seamlessly fuses the sweetness of vanilla and the freshness of orange. And, for those who desire the health benefits without any additional flavor, Downtowns is an unscented blend of our proprietary oils.

Along with our beard oils, we also produce hand-blended mustache wax and pomade for those other portions of facial and head hair. Both of these items are formed with a base of natural beeswax. This provides the mustache wax with superior hold for the best styling capabilities, and, with the addition of sweet almond oil, gives our pomade the high-shine and slightly lighter hold that defines the substance. We also carry high quality, artisan shaving and men’s grooming products, including exquisite straight razors, mustache scissors and stainless steel, nitrile rubber and unbreakable plastic combs. Beard care is our number one priority!