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Detroit Grooming Co.
David McCall (Falls Church, United States)

“HELL” Butter is AMAZING!!!! Now I wish I had asked for the “HELL” Oil. My beard is really enjoying the Butter. Any, I mean ANY chance I can get the Oil???? You all are GREAT. Thank you all. Dave ☮️

Detroit Grooming Co.
J.K. (Grand Junction, United States)
Umm ok!

I had my doubts they don't offer a variety of scents and I was concerned! But I ordered anyways and choose the toasted vanilla, and 5 days later I got a box with Beard butter, beard oil and beard conditioner and a military beard brush with natural bristles............. I tried all of them and it had amazing results! My beard looked and smelled awesome, and the conditioner what I don't use on my beard I use on my hair and Holy shit! Excuse my language but I am not joking when I say that beard conditioner and beard butter is awesome! I have included photos and yes my beard is not trimmed but neither is my hair! I highly recommend these products! Don't hold back give them a try, you will be amazed!

Detroit Grooming Co.
Heather (Dearborn, United States)
I Can't Put into Words

I can't say enough good things about this beautiful store, the owner and staff. I actually went to this store by mistake. I had a gift card from there competition, but did know until it was time to present the card. After visiting both stores, visiting Detroit Grooming was no MISTAKE. I needed gifts for my sons for our up coming wedding. I got many beard oils, combs and other delicious items for them to use. The owner came to great me and had congratulatories for our nuptials and products in the store. They were filming a commercial that day and I had difficulty finding the store. The womam on the phone was more than helpful guiding me to the store and also asked me to wait because of the filming. I did and she also called me back to let me know to come in. This beautiful blonde helped me around the store also and with the products I chose. She wrapped them beautifully for me. As I mentioned before, I had a gift card, but couldn't use because I went to the wrong store. It set me back a few hundred that I was not planning on, but was worth every dime. I still went to the competition to spend that card and I was sorry I actually wasted the gas. Their products, service, staff, or ambiance didn't compare to Detroit Grooming. Needless to say, I used the card and no extra money. They had no bags to put my purchase in and found a box of to the side to put them in. I wish I was lying. So with that being said, Father's Day is coming up and I will be coming back.

Detroit Grooming Co.
Kelly Knight (Melissa, United States)
Great Products and Customer Service

I ordered the Beard Oil and Butter samplers, along with some Beard wash and conditioner. I’m really liking the feel and sent of the products. Slight hiccup with the beard oil samplers during shipping. Had some leakage. I worked with Raquel on the customer support team and had another replacement sampler shipped to me. I’m vary impressed with the promptness of the customer support, and I look forward to trying more products from Detroit Grooming.