Frequently Asked Question


All our products have a plant-based formulation made with natural ingredients; but not all our products are 100% natural (or they wouldn't really work).

Detroit Grooming strives to use high-quality, natural ingredients whenever possible to replace harsh and harming chemicals from our products.

We are very transparent with our formulations, so you can check the product pages for the specific ingredient list.

Yes! Our products are designed to be used on facial hair, including both beard and moustache, regardless of the length, texture, and thickness of the hair.

Results may vary depending on individual factors such as hair type and condition. However, with daily use of Beard Wash, Beard Conditioner, Beard Oil, and Beard Butter, you can typically start to notice improvements in your beard's appearance and condition within two weeks. Consistency is key, so incorporate them into your daily grooming routine for best results.

Our products are designed to be used on a daily basis to get the best results. Daily moisturization is key to having an on point beard!

Yes. Unless you have any special sensitivity to fragrance, our products are suitable for all skin types.

Our natural formulation make our products go easy on any skin type.

Our fragrances are carefully crafted to provide a pleasant and enjoyable experience without being overpowering.

The scent profiles are typically designed to be masculine and appealing without overwhelming your senses. You can expect a well-balanced fragrance that enhances your grooming routine without being too strong.

Retail and Wholesale

Yes! We actually give all our loyal subscribers are 10% off for life on their entire order.

Yes, we offer special discounts to wholesalers. Just reach out to our customer support team for more information:

We accept almost any credit and debit card, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Shop Pay, Google Pay, and Amazon Pay.

Shipping & Refunds

We offer full refunds with free shipping within 30 days of your purchase if you didn't like the products. To get a refund, please contact our customer support team:

If you place an order before 3 pm EST, your order will be fulfilled and ship the same day. If you place an order after 3 pm EST, your order will ship the next morning.

If you select regular shipping, orders usually takes around 5 to 7 working days to arrive.

For expedite shipping, they take around 3 to 5 working days to arrive.

Yes, we offer international shipping. These are our rates:

  • Canada - $30 USD
  • Europe - $40 USD
  • Africa - $45 USD
  • Middle East - $45 USD

Please bear in mind that customs can hold a package for up to 30 days. If your package seems to be lost or stuck, don't hesitate to email us at

Order Issues

If any of your products arrived damaged or leaking, reach out to our customer support to get a replacement or a refund.

Please send pictures of the damaged items at

If you haven't received your order after 10 working days, please email us at, our awesome customer support team will help you get a replacement or a refund.

If your package hasn't yet shipped, please send us a message at to get a cancelation right away!