How About Some Beard Wash, Fellas?

How About Some Beard Wash, Fellas?

by Angelo Ausi | January 05, 2015

All Natural Beard Wash for the All Natural Man

So, we’ve been pretty clear about the importance of beard hygiene. It’s the best way to make sure that your beard is looked at favorably and your face isn’t confused for a bum’s scalp. There are a number of products out there that purport to be ‘good’ for your beard, and they may very well be, but we’ve been slaving away in the laboratory working on something that we can confidently advertise as ‘great.’ So, without further ado, Detroit Grooming Co. would like to introduce to you, bearded brethren, our own line of handcrafted, all-natural beard wash.


DGC Beard Wash: Details

Available in two ‘strengths’ or ‘potencies’ or what have you, the Detroit Grooming Co. all-natural beard wash and super conditioning beard wash are ideal for the care and maintenance of facial hair of any length. Our standard beard wash is great for beards inside of 1 inch, while the super conditioning beard wash is, you guessed it, better for getting deep into your more lengthy growths. Rather than using conventional bar soap [god forbid you’re actually washing your delicate face (yes, just because you’re a grizzly man doesn’t mean that your facial flesh is anything but delicate) with bar soap], our proprietary formula is all-natural using entirely plant-based ingredients, and therefore much, much, much better for your skin and, in turn, your hair. With a base of sulfate-free soap, our beard wash softens and smooths your beard hairs without stripping away the naturally occurring oils that accumulate in and around your whiskers that keep them looking miraculous.

Whether you choose to use our beard wash in or out of the shower (either of which is perfectly acceptable), you’re sure to find that your beard is not only softer, but your days of catching snags and tangles with the comb are history. There’s no excuse for not taking the best possible care of your beard, and cleanliness is, well, what is it, something about, oh hell, you get the idea.




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