What is beard oil good for

What Is Beard Oil Used For?

by Angelo Ausi | March 23, 2015

What Is Beard Oil Good For? Absolutely EVERYTHING!


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Beard Oil: DGC Pride!

We take great pride in our beard oil. Not only for the delightful aromas in which we make the beard oil available to you – because, in reality, that’s only the superficial purpose of the product, to smell good – but also for the bountiful practicality of this revitalizing elixir.


It’s been mentioned at least a few times just how great our Detroit Grooming Co. beard oil is for your beard, be it big or small. It keeps your beard healthy, happy and looking and smelling great! So, why are we still discussing it? You understand, right? Best not to beat a dead horse, no?

Beard Oil Benefits

Well, we thought it might be good for you to consider all of the other advantageous uses for Detroit Grooming Co. beard oil, because there are quite a few outside of just your beard. And you might be somewhat surprised to find out just what some of these ‘alternative’ uses of our beard oil are.

Beard Oil is for Man and Woman

First, and possibly most surprising, but not in the least bit fabricated, we are pleased to inform you that our beard oil can be, has been and is used by women, too. What?! We know, outrageous, right? Wrong! Perfectly sensible, because, just as it can be used by clean-shaven men as a shaving oil, either pre- or post-shave (whichever is preferred), so to can it be used by the fairer sex to sooth those razor-wrought gams. Just a few dabs of our beard oil rubbed warm and spread over recently shaved skin (wherever it may be), and the recipient will be comforted by both soft, healthy skin as well as a pleasing fragrance.

Beard Oil Lubrication!

Additionally, our beard oil can, and should, be used to lightly lubricate your barber shears before attempting any serious trimming operations. Just one drop near the pivot point of your shears and you’ll have zero snags, catches or pulls, but only clean, even snips while trimming.

Beard Oil as Super Moisturizer

As if that’s not enough, you can also use DGC beard oil to moisturize dry, work-worn hands, and you can do so without even allocating additional oil for this purpose. Instead, we encourage you to simply take the excess oil that didn’t make it into your beard – and so is left on/in your hands – and roll first one hand over and then the next, generously and deeply applying that residual oil to the dry, even cracked knuckles on the back of your hands. Waste not, want not, huh?

Beard Oil's Endless Benefits!

The list goes on, but a large part of it is simply employing your imagination. There’s no end to the uses and benefits to be found from Detroit Grooming Co. beard oil, so don’t stop searching!




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