Four dapper men with trendy beard styles

2024: Trendy Beard Styles to Watch Out for

by Glenn Lompon | March 21, 2024

Beard trends come and go, but 2024 is shaping up to be an especially exciting year for beard aficionados.

At Detroit Grooming, we combine timeless style with the latest trends to keep your beard game on point.

It's not just about jumping on the latest fad, it's about carving out your signature look with practical grooming wisdom.

Let us walk you through the top trend of 2024 and show you how to keep your beard looking like a million bucks.

The Return of the Stubble

A man with a perfect stubble

Yep, the iconic stubble is making a big comeback, and it's not just a 5 o'clock shadow anymore, it's the main event! 

Forget about the days when a bit of facial fuzz was for those lazy weekends. This year, we're embracing the deliberate, sharp yet effortless charm of the perfect stubble.

Think of it as the laid-back look that whispers, "Yeah, I got this" without screaming "I tried too hard."

This is the style you'll see on the likes of trendsetters and celebrities everywhere. Who doesn't love that just-the-right-amount-of-rugged kind of look?

Here's How to Rock It:

  • Get Trimming, but Make It Chic: Start with a good quality trimmer (you guessed right, we've got one you'll love) and find that stubble sweet spot. Keep the length in check anywhere between 1 to 3 mm, and stay sharp, fellas. Clean lines define your jaw and cheekbones. Effortless doesn't mean sloppy.
  • Keep Your Skin Slick: Detroit Grooming's beard oils are here to turn up the charm with just a few drops. Our oils help your stubble glide into the spotlight without the grease-slick photo finish.
  • Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance: We can't stress this enough: keep it tidy, fellas. Your stubble is a key part of your expression, and with a bit of daily finesse, it will tell the world exactly what you want it to.

The casual stubble look is sticking around for a reason. It's a classic, it's versatile, and it's downright sexy. Detroit Grooming ensures your stubble stays in vogue and on point.

The Unruly Yeard

A man with an attractive yeard

The year-long beard, affectionately known as "the yeard," is charging onto the scene. 

Embraced by the free spirits and the wild at heart, this untamed trend is about letting nature do its thing. But don't be fooled. A yeard doesn't mean you let it grow wild without a care, it's about controlled chaos.

Here's How to Master the Yeard:

  • Shape it Up: Even the wildest beards have a method to the madness. Regular trims are essential to keep your yeard looking intentional, not accidental. Aim to define its shape while allowing your beard's natural texture to shine through.
  • Condition Like a Boss: A yeard can get wiry, but our collection of conditioners and butter ensures your mane stays as majestic as you are. Nourish that beast and keep the itch and dandruff at bay.
  • Tame It, Don't Shame It: Use quality beard oil to keep your yeard soft and manageable. Remember, you're going for mountain man, not mountain lion; our beard oils are your secret weapon.

The Precision Goatee

A man with a classic goatee

Sharp lines, precise edges—the goatee is back, and it's never looked so good. Whether you're rocking a Van Dyke or a classic goatee, this trend is about celebrating the art of detail.

It's the perfect statement for the man who wants to frame his smile and highlight his chin with a touch of suave perfection.

Here's How to Keep Your Goatee on Point:
  • Trim Regularly: Ensuring that your goatee maintains its shape is critical. Use a trimmer to keep the lines clear and neat.
  • Smooth the Edges: Use a high-quality shaving gel for the areas outside your goatee. After all, a goatee's charm is all in the definition, and you'll want to keep the rest of your face baby-smooth to let that goatee pop.
  • Moisturize and Define: Add a dab of beard wax to hold your goatee in place and give it a sleek, defined look that lasts throughout the day.

There you have it, gents, your blueprint for the beard trends of 2024. Whether you're a stubble guy, a yeard warrior, or a goatee guru, Detroit Grooming's got your back.

Step up your beard game this year and let your facial hair do the talking.
No matter your choice, each trend is a statement that says, "I'm here, I've got style, and I know exactly how to use it."

So, keep it groomed and fresh, and let's make 2024 the year your beard stands out for all the right reasons.