Best Beard Cream

Best Beard Cream

by Angelo Ausi | May 22, 2015

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Beard Cream!


…but just what exactly is beard cream?

Beard Cream - What is it?

Curious, indeed! We have been more than forthright about our Detroit Grooming Co. arsenal of grooming products, but we’ve not divulged anything in the way of beard cream, and there’s no clandestine reason for its absence in our ongoing discourse. The reason that you’ve never heard a word pertaining to beard cream, from us, anyways, is because we believe that – between our beard oil, beard butter and beard wash – your beard ought to be quite sufficiently cared for with our existing line of grooming wares.




When you have the quality and precision that exist in our beard oil and butter, and the same in our simple, yet refined wash, then why would you want to further complicate things by incorporating yet another product - a beard cream - into your regimen, and one that your girlfriend uses to moisturize her legs? She can already do that with either our oil or our butter, depending on which she prefers, but we hope that you’d be hard-pressed to rub any of her Olay moisturizing cream into your precious beard. The real question is not why you haven’t heard us talking about beard cream, but why we haven’t heard you explaining to your significant other how she can use your Detroit Grooming Co. products on her skin as a moisturizing agent, rather than opting for over-priced and under-effective corporate solutions for the issue that just one touch of your beard will prove to her can be solved by a few drops of oil or a small bit of butter on her sensitive skin.


best beard cream 


Beard Cream - Much Ado About Nothing

So, when you visit our website and see that nowhere on it can you locate, research or purchase “beard cream,” do not be distressed, because we would not let you go around without being sufficiently equipped to tackle the world with a healthy and well-tended beard. We are confident in our selections when it comes to beard grooming and care, and so should you, because we’ve set you up for nothing but success. All you need to do is give our beard oil, beard butter or beard wash a try (or why not all three!) and you will see that there is neither cause for alarm, nor reason for ill will, because you have been given everything you need to enjoy an utterly prosperous beard, and with no cream necessary.



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