5 Ways for Salons and Barbers to Connect with Clients During COVID-19

5 Ways for Salons and Barbers to Connect with Clients During COVID-19

by Liz Campbell, Director of Sales | March 26, 2020

Stay in touch.

Times are certainly different in the Beauty and Grooming Industry right now. With many of our retail partners being forced to temporarily close their doors for the safety of their staff and customers, we’ve all had to come up with some creative ways to stay relevant and connected with our clients. 

To help inspire you to stay connected, I wanted to share some of the amazing ways I’ve seen our retail partners utilizing their websites and social media to communicate with their audience. Now more than ever, we as an industry need to support one another, stick together and make sure we come back better and stronger than ever

1. Online Gift Cards

It’s honestly been so touching to see clients reaching out to their stylists and barbers and asking how they can help during these times.  Although many of our incomes have come to a complete halt, there are plenty of people out there still working and recognizing they can help those that may need it. 

Offering online gift certificates is a great way to encourage clients to purchase and prepay for their next visit or give as a gift to a loved one. It’s a win-win as this guarantees them a spot back in your chair and can bring in immediate revenue for you.

2. Tutorial Videos

What a great time to jump on social media and do some simple tutorials! We want to encourage our clients to STAY AWAY from the at home haircuts and box color as much as possible, so we have less of a mess to clean up when we get back to the shop. Show them a simple way to style longer hair, how to clean up their beard or how you use your favorite products most effectively.

Need some inspiration? Head over to our YouTube channel for a variety of how-to videos and product walk-throughs. 

3. Social Media Giveaways

I saw this idea from our partner Ryan Dieteker, owner of Forefathers Grooming in Sterling Heights, MI. Why not do a giveaway to get some products in your client’s hands that will help them tame their mane while they are home for a few weeks! Post a pic of the products/swag on social media and have clients enter by liking your post, tagging 3 friends in the comments and sharing to their stories.

4. Online Product Sales

Although most of us can’t physically be behind the chair, online product sales are a great way to still generate income if you have the capability to do so. And let’s face it, our clients need good, quality professional products now more than over! 

5. A Message from the Team

I honestly think this is my favorite thing I’ve seen out there, done by our partners over at The Beauty Lounge in West Bloomfield, MI. Have each of your stylists/barbers/receptionists shoot a quick 30 sec-1 min long video just saying hello, we miss you guys and we can’t wait to get back in the shop! Post on your social media and see the awesome response you get from your followers.

I hope these ideas help inspire you to keep motivated during these trying times. How are you staying connected to your clients and community? Drop me a note and let us know. 

We truly believe the comeback after all of this will be so much stronger than the set back. Much love always from your Detroit Grooming Family!

Liz Campbell
Director of Sales