Undesired Hair Growth

Undesired Hair Growth

by Michael Haddad | December 06, 2015

How to Deal with Undesired Hair Growth

With just the right light and a tilt of your head a twinkle from the rim of your ear is spotted. One hair reaches out towards the rest of the world in dire need of attention. By the time you notice it, it may have distracted others during conversations of business or leisure. As you get closer to the mirror you ask yourself, “How long could this have been here? I swear this wasn’t here yesterday.” With a quick tug of the tweezers the hair is gone, for now. Without hesitation you inspect the other ear for anything of the same. You instantly know that this will now have to be part of your grooming schedule until the end of time unless you become comfortable with long hairs sprouting from the rims of your ears.

    Below are some common areas to work into your grooming schedule so that you don’t miss these small, undesired growths.

Dealing with Nose Hairs

The most noticeable, and disgusting, is the nose. As your nose protrudes the furthest from your face it is important that you take every precaution to not have little tufts poking out of your nostrils. Also, no one wants to see your boogers and snot. With hair growing past the canal of your nostril and into the world it is more likely that people will be put-off due to an association with the spread of viruses through boogers and snot. Clean that shit up, it’s super gross! A pair of trimming scissors or an electric trimmer designed for such a task work best. But don’t just inspect the nostrils. Many of my friends have expressed that they have found single hairs growing out from the tip of their nose or the rim of the nostrils, a very light colored and light textured culprit. Tweezers are the best tool here.

Those Hairs Growing Out of your Ears

    As stated above: check the rim of your ears. While doing that you might want to also check the ear canal. Unfortunately I don’t have any advice on how best to do this without setting up a series of mirrors to create a sight line into the ear, use the same electric trimmer that you have for your nose and go at it blindly, or ask your barber/hairstylist to assist you with this area. If you have experience with this area please use the comment section to assist with ideas.

The All-Natural "Unibrow"

    The unibrow can be a fine look if that’s what you’re going for but don’t be surprised if you then elicit images of a Neanderthal from others. Trimming between your eyebrows is best done with a razor unless you have time to spare trying to pluck all those hairs with tweezers. Not only does tweezing take time but it will also leave your skin red and briefly swollen. Until you are familiar and comfortable with the area to be shaved be sure that you don’t over do it. You don’t want to shave a quarter of your brow off by accident. Less is more in this situation.

Dealing with Undesired Hair Growth: Practice Makes Perfect!

    Give yourself time at least once a week to fine tune these and any other undesired growths you may have. With a little practice it will become part of your grooming schedule and you will continue to look great and feel confident.



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