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Beard Growth: What's the Deal with Phases and Patterns?

by Glenn Lompon | May 13, 2024

Beard growth is a biological process governed by genetics, hormones, and health. Yet, many men find themselves puzzled by the uneven growth, patchy beard, or slow growth they experience.  

Understanding the beard growth phases and patterns can offer insights into these common concerns.

The Science of Beard Growth

Phases of beard growth

Beard growth undergoes three main phases: Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. Each plays a crucial role in the life cycle of a beard hair, influencing everything from the length to the fullness of your beard.

Anagen Phase: The Growth Spurt

During the Anagen phase, which is the first stage in the hair growth cycle, most of your beard hairs are actively growing.

This phase can last for a few months or even several years, and it's really important because it determines how long your beard can get.

You'll notice that your beard gets thicker and longer during this phase because your hair cells are dividing quickly and new hair is forming.

But, the length of the Anagen phase can be different for everyone, depending on things like genetics, diet, and overall health.

For instance, some people might have a shorter Anagen phase because of genetics, while others might have a longer one if they eat well and take care of their health.  

That's why there can be a big range in beard length among different people - some might have a short and stubbly beard, while others can grow a long and full beard during this phase.

Catagen Phase: The Transition

After the active growth phase of the hair follicle, known as Anagen, comes to an end, the hair enters the Catagen phase. This phase serves as a short transitional period that typically lasts about two to three weeks.

During this time, the hair follicle undergoes important changes that prepare it for the final stage of its lifecycle, known as Telogen. Don't worry, the Catagen phase is nothing to be afraid of! It's just a natural part of the hair growth process.

During this phase, there's a brief pause in hair growth as the follicle shrinks and prepares for the next stage. This is a necessary step in maintaining a healthy and vibrant beard.

You may not notice much happening during the Catagen phase, but it's crucial for the hair's overall health. By taking a break from active growth, the follicle can rejuvenate and replenish its resources for the next Anagen phase. 

Plus, the Catagen phase is like a protective measure for your hair! By shrinking the follicle and stopping growth, it allows the scalp to recover from any tension or stress and prevents breakage.

So, think of it as a much-needed break for your hair and scalp.

Overall, the Catagen phase plays an important role in keeping your beard looking and feeling great.

Without it, the hair would not be able to go through its natural growth and rest cycles, ultimately affecting its health and appearance.

Telogen Phase: The Resting Period 

The Telogen phase is a necessary and important part of the hair growth cycle! It serves as a resting period before the hair falls out and makes way for new growth.

Lasting around three months, this phase allows for natural shedding or the start of the Anagen phase. During this time, your hair follicles are simply taking a break, allowing your body to prepare for new growth.

This phase is a critical component of maintaining a healthy and balanced beard. Don't worry, it's nothing to be concerned about - the Telogen phase is completely natural and essential for a healthy beard!

It only lasts a few months and is a small part of the overall growth process. So, just sit back and let your beard do its thing - it's all part of the process.

Addressing Common Concerns

A man with a patchy beard looking problematic

Why does my beard grow in patches? 

Having a patchy beard can be a bummer, but don't worry! This is usually caused by things like genetics, stress, and diet, or the Anagen phase not being consistent across your face.

Basically, some areas might have follicles that decide to take a break before others, which can result in uneven or patchy growth. But don't stress - with a little patience and TLC, your beard will fill in and look fabulous in no time!

How long does it take to grow a full beard?

Growing a full beard depends on the individual's beard growth cycle duration and how quickly their hair grows.

On average, men can expect to spend two to four months growing a respectable beard, with the understanding that factors like beard growth cycles, health, and genetics play significant roles in this process.

Solutions for Enhancing Beard Growth

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But it doesn't stop there.

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The Bottom Line

Understanding beard growth phases and addressing concerns related to uneven growth and patchy beards starts with patience and education.

By nurturing your beard through proper care, a healthy diet, and possibly incorporating growth aids like beard growth sprays, you can maximize your beard's potential regardless of the genetic hand you've been dealt.