Beards vs Masks - How to Manage Your Beard in a Pandemic

by Michael Haddad | March 18, 2021

…and no, you don’t have to shave 

As far as facial hair goes, there has never been a harder thing to manage in a pandemic than a beard. Beard dents, a definitive line across the front of your beard isn’t an annoyance as much as it is a sign of your resilience and fortitude.  

Not only are you navigating an uncertain world, but you’re doing it in absolute style. I wouldn’t compare it to the band playing as the Titanic made its way to the bottom off the ocean, though. Rather, you can still traverse the new world of mask mandates and stay safe, all while keeping that beard clean and neat.  

Do you need to shave your beard because you think it will be“easier” to maintain while wearing a mask? No. I’ve debated the point, but the simple fact is, maintaining a clean shave is just about the same level of commitment as properly caring for your beard.  

Instead, the question you should ask is “How do I keep my beard clean and neat?”

Here’s an easy checklist for daily Pandemic Beard Care: 

1.  Wash daily with a gentle Beard Wash 

2.  After drying your beard to 80% dryness, apply Beard Oil  

3.  Brush through and style 

4.  Wear a Mask

Not many things have changed, as you can see. A lot of us traded days of washing with off-days of rinsing before the pandemic. Not anymore, unless you’re not leaving home for the day. The reason is simple. When wearing a mask, all of your breath and the moist droplets will collect on your hair and skin, inviting bacteria. Therefore, it is imperative to increase the frequency of washing vs rinsing only.  

 Other than that, all of your other steps should follow your regular routine. Remember: Some oils can actually aid in protecting your hair and skin from viral and bacteria agents, so it is crucial to continue with your usual routine.   

As for getting the beard dent out, we’ll go over that in our next blog. Stay tuned!

Michael Haddad
President & Co-Founder of Detroit Grooming Co.