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How to Get the Best Out of Your Detroit Grooming Beard Products

by Glenn Lompon | June 03, 2024

Using Detroit Grooming Beard Products the right way is pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it. Here's a simple, no-fluff guide to keeping your beard looking sharp.

How to Use Beard Oil

Think of beard oil as your beard's best friend. It keeps your beard hydrated and smelling great. Here’s the drill:

  • First, wash your beard and pat it dry. A clean start is always good.
  • Pop a few drops of beard oil into your hand. How much? Just a bit will do but adjust according to your beard’s size.
  • Rub it between your palms and then gently work it through your beard. Make sure you’re not leaving any strand behind.

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How to Use Beard Wax

For those days when your beard seems to have a mind of its own, beard wax steps in:

  • Scrape off a little bit (seriously, a little goes a long way) with your thumbnail.
  • Warm it up between your fingers.
  • Apply it to your beard to keep those stubborn hairs in check.

How to Use Beard Butter

Beard butter is all about conditioning. It makes your beard soft and manageable, which is always a plus:

  • After you clean your beard, scoop out a small amount.
  • Melt it between your hands.
  • Apply it evenly across your beard. It’s great for daily use.

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How to Use Beard Growth Spray

Looking to give your beard a bit of a boost? Beard growth spray can help with that:

  • Start with a clean base.
  • Spray it onto the target areas.
  • Give it a gentle rub to help absorption.

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The Right Order to Apply Beard Products

Here’s a cheat sheet for your beard routine:

  • Clean it: Always start with a fresh beard.
  • Oil it up: Beard oil first for moisture.
  • Butter or balm: Next, for conditioning and styling.
  • Wax if needed: For extra hold.
  • Growth spray: For those growth-focused areas.

Addressing Some Common Questions

  • Beard balm or beard oil first? Oil goes on first to moisturize, then balm to nourish and style.
  • Can you use oil and balm together? They complement each other really well.
  • Wet beard for balm? A damp beard works best—it’ll help spread the balm evenly.
  • How long after oil for balm? Give the oil a few minutes to sink in before applying balm.
  • Using oil on a dry beard? Sure, but a fresh wash before application is ideal.
  • Washing out balm? Yes, it’s best to wash it out daily to avoid buildup.

The Bottom Line

So there you have it—a straightforward guide to using Detroit Grooming Beard Products.

Remember, everyone’s beard is a bit different, so feel free to adjust these steps as needed.

The key is to keep at it. Regular grooming and care are what lead to that head-turning beard. Happy grooming!