Detroit Grooming beard wash, conditioner, oil, butter, and solid cologne

Step-by-Step Daily Beard Care Routine

by Glenn Lompon | April 02, 2024

Keeping your beard on point doesn't mean reinventing the wheel every day. Here's a step-by-step daily routine to keep your beard game strong and your morning hassle-free.

Fresh Start with Beard Wash

Good morning, champ! Let's kick off with a splash of water to the face and a healthy dollop of beard wash. It needs aloe vera, your hydration hero, keeping your skin and hair quenched and happy.

A MAJOR plus is if it has borage extract; it's like a secret weapon for strengthening those individual hair soldiers.

A thorough wash means you're stripping away overnight buildup without stripping your beard of its dignity. Rinse that out, and boom, your beard's looking lively and prepped for the day.

Smooth Moves with Conditioner

Now, bring in the conditioner. Argan oil isn't just for show—it's feeding your beard what it craves for looking lush, so make sure that's a key ingredient in your conditioner.

Bonus if it has cocoa seed butter, too; it'll keep gray hairs off your radar for longer.

Work your conditioner through, let it settle in for a moment to do its thing, then rinse. Your beard now has that touchable softness everyone's after.

Lock in Moisture with Beard Oil

A man using beard oil

Still got a few water drops lingering in the beard? That's perfect for the next step.

Grab your beard oil and a few drops will set you right. Almond oil and Vitamin E are going to be your beard's best friends here, ready to toughen up those hairs and give it that little boost of growth.

Work it in from root to tip. You are locking in that all-important moisture, and your beard's getting a healthy shine. No greasiness, just grooming gold.

Shape and Condition with Beard Butter

Don't shy away from the beard butter—it's a game-changer. Make sure it's loaded with safflower oil for unreal softness and shea butter for some soothing action.

It's like the final dab of paint on a masterpiece. Spread that butter through and shape as you like.

 Your beard will look refined and feel incredible.

Finish with Fragrance

A top-notch beard routine isn't complete without a nod to your nose. Cue the solid cologne.

You're not only looking after your beard and skin with more coconut oil and shea butter, but you're also setting a vibe with a fragrance that lingers best.

A quick swipe on your pulse points will mean you're not just stepping out with a great-looking beard but also a scent that has you ready to take on the day.

The Biggest Shortcut

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Detroit Grooming beard bundle, including wash, conditioner, oil, butter, and solid cologne

So, ditch the hassle of multiple purchases and give your beard the VIP treatment without breaking the bank or burning through your schedule.

With the Traverse City Bundle, you get to hit snooze again and still step out the door looking sharp and smelling fantastic. It is simply your grooming shortcut that doesn't shortchange your style.