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Detroit Grooming Co.'s Guide To Pomade

Posted on October 21 2014

Detroit Grooming Co.'s Guide To Pomade

What is Pomade?

What the heck is pomade and how do you use it? Glad you asked! Pomade is a hair product used to create texture or slick back the hair, like a boss. You may have seen people use it to create a pomp or quiff, and it's ok if you have no idea what those are. It's not a product that's designed to hold a hairstyle for a long period by itself, but it can be used in conjunction with other products to keep a particular look all day. Some pomade is used as a topper, meaning that it is the finishing touch to the look you're wanting to achieve. Pomade is sometimes a greasy or waxy substance depending on its base ingredient. It makes your hair look slick and shiny, and doesn't dry it out! 

Pomade lasts longer than most hair care products, and can even be "built up". The original pomade of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries consisted mainly of bear fat or lard. Lanolin, beeswax, and petroleum jelly have been used extensively in the manufacture of modern pomades.

"Here at Detroit Grooming Co. we use all natural beeswax as a base for our pomade. We also add powerful oils to nourish the hair!"

How to Use Pomade:

1. Wash your hair and dry it. Pomade adheres best to clean, dry hair.

2. Use the back of your nail to extract a quarter sized amount of pomade. Run your nail forward across the surface to get the desired amount.

3. Put the extracted pomade into your hands and rub your hands together, until the pomade is spread evenly on your palms. It's better to start with a small amount and add more if needed than to use too much.

4. Apply the pomade to your hair. Style as you wish!


Look for our next blog post to see what you can achieve with DGC pomade! See you soon!




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