Gear Up For Movember With The MAN Event

Gear Up For Movember With The MAN Event

by Angelo Ausi | October 29, 2014



What does it mean to be a man? Come join Detroit Grooming Co. et al. at 2|42 Community Church on the evening of Friday, November 7th from 6:30-9:00 PM and find out! DGC will be teaming up with representatives from Harley-Davidson Motorcycle, The Berkley Chop Shop, MobSteel and Detroit Steel Wheel, as well as four local tattoo artists and a custom pipe maker to put on a fantastic show of manliness. This Movember in Motown DGC is celebrating Detroit beards.


Kicking off Movember, a month devoted to men’s health and phenomenal facial hair, DGC invites you to come share a manly enthusiasm for majestic Detroit beards, roaring choppers, gleaming pompadours, ink, smoke and low riders of yesterday and today. Everything that has ever been an iconic pillar of masculinity will be coming together for one awesome night of really cool dudes.

Event Details: FUN, FUN, FUN!

Gentlemen of leisure will have the opportunity to test their axe-handling skills in a log splitting competition, their follicle-fortitude in a Detroit Grooming Co.-judged beard competition, and their obscure Nineteenth-Century carpentry-based sports with something called Amish Xbox, which evidently involves three nails, a block of wood and an airborne hammer.


So, slick back your hair, comb your beard, wax your mustache and get ready for a warm Movember night filled with homegrown Detroit beards. And, he who possesses the most man-tastic whiskers will be awarded a fitting gift from Detroit Grooming Co. to help keep his beard in immaculate condition.


P.S. The night will still be young! Join Detroit Grooming Co. after the MAN Event to enjoy some additional testosterone-filled events from 9:00-11:00 PM. See you there.




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