Your Morning Routine (Given You’re Doing Everything Right)

Your Morning Routine (Given You’re Doing Everything Right)

by Angelo Ausi | February 06, 2015

Just because your morning routine only takes you 15 minutes from your alarm clock going off to you backing down the driveway, it doesn’t mean that you’re doing it ‘right.’ Hasn’t your grandfather ever told you that haste makes waste? Perhaps your were too busy rushing out of the house, but back in his day people took the time to take care of themselves, and Detroit Grooming Co. is politely suggesting that you might consider taking a page out of his book and making yourself look a little presentable before leaving your domicile in the morning.


Optimizing Your Morning Routine

Now, now, we’re not the type to make a broad sweeping proclamation like that without giving you more than a bit of assistance on finding the ‘right’ morning routine for you. Especially because we’re sure that your beard is far more magnificent than your clean-shaven grandpa’s stubbly whiskers. But because of this, there are a few steps you need to take that might slow you down, but should not be seen as hindrances.

The Process Part 1

First, something that we already mentioned but will not hesitate in mentioning again, our new and exciting beard wash. With it, you can clean your facial skin and hair without causing undue stress on your face or beard. If you’re a morning showerer, just get your whiskers nice and wet in the hot water and then suds it up nicely with the beard wash until you feel that you’re beard’s been thoroughly traversed by the cleanser. If you genuinely haven’t got time for a shower, you can use the beard wash over the sink, so long as you at least remember to wash it at all. Rinse and gently dry before moving on to your next step.

The Process Part 2

Now, once your beard is no more than slightly damp at most, slap a few drops of your favorite scent of beard oil into your palm and get that in there like we know you know how. (We already taught our diligent bearded subscribers how to apply our beard oil, but if for any reason you’ve forgotten or are simply new to it all, then you can visit our post on beard oil application and catch up).

The Process Part 3

Last but not least, a new step that had formerly only included the running through of a quick comb and being on your way, we have yet another new product to introduce to you today! It’s called beard butter and it’s absolutely NOT for your toast (although you could theoretically eat it, as it is, like all of our line, all-natural, but we wouldn’t recommend it)! Beard butter is something of a pomade for your unruly whiskers, but with a little less hold than the stuff we make for your pompadour and a little more proprietary slippery-smoothing agent to keep your big beard knot and tangle free.


morning routine


So, you should find, at the end of this slightly more elaborate, yet significantly more beneficial morning routine that your beard not only looks great, but that your face feels great, too! It’s obviously not just about cosmetics, otherwise we’d be called L’Oreal and we’d be making lip-gloss and mascara for you. So be happy that we’re not and that we don’t, and don’t waste the time that you have by neglecting the beard that you deserve, but must respect. Thanks for listening devoted beard-wearers. Beard on.




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