Butter That Beard: The Secret Of Beard Butter

Butter That Beard: The Secret Of Beard Butter

by Angelo Ausi | February 13, 2015

Beard Butter's Benefits and Ingredients

What exactly is Beard Butter, you ask? Well, Beard Butter is the next product to be released by the great minds that brought you Detroit Grooming Co. Beard Oil, Pomade, Moustache Wax and, most recently, all natural beard wash. We mentioned its imminent existence in the post pertaining to your morning routine, but today we want to delve a little deeper into the what’s, the why’s and the how’s of this mysterious substance.

What is Beard Butter Exactly?

So, to answer your question of what is beard butter, we’ll simply give you the list of ingredients. Our proprietary beard butter blend contains:

  • - Coconut Oil

  • - Sweet Almond Oil

  • - Olive Oil

  • - Bees Wax

  • - Shea Butter

Beard Butter: The Benefits

By now you should be fairly knowledgeable about the benefits of our go-to base oil – sweet almond oil – and all the glorious good it does for your skin and hair. We have introduced coconut oil to our beard butter as well, which is advantageously second only to sweet almond oil, to provide you with double, that’s right, double the benefit for your face and beard. Moisturizing, restoring, hydrating and conditioning are just a few of the very most basic advantages that your hair will be privileged to through the addition of coconut oil.

Beard Butter & It's Other Uses

Looking beyond the health benefits, which are, of course, miraculous and multitudinous, there are other reasons to use our Beard Butter that reach from the realm of hair care and into the sphere of style. With the same bees wax and shea butter found in our pomade – but effectively diluted in order to achieve a smoother, creamier consistency – our Beard Butter offers a level of hold that will permit the passage of a comb, but will prevent those pesky, wiry strays from sticking out in every which direction. Though not nearly the hold of our Moustache wax, nor even quite the resilience of our Pomade, the Beard Butter does have a hold that will allow you to shape your beard as you see fit.

So, in essence, the butter has everything that the beard oil provides – including the delicious aromas – and more! It’s just as easy to use, too, and it will be available at detroitgrooming.com as soon as you can say, “By golly, I think I’d like some butter in my beard!”




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