Where to buy beard oil

Where To Buy Beard Oil

by Angelo Ausi | March 27, 2015

Find Out Where To Buy Beard Oil:

How To End A Seemingly Endless Quest!


We definitely understand the seemingly inexplicable need to purchase a thing in a store. You know, the old fashioned way! Nowadays, with all this technology, interweb and plastic money cards whose numbers you just punch into a website and something gets shipped to you the next day, it can be difficult to find a physical location to actually walk into, have a conversation with the proprietor and hand them cash for a good. We relish this nostalgic, now-almost-anachronistic approach to consumerism, and believe that there are a few of you left out there who find the notion similarly romantic.


where to buy beard oil


The Ultimate Shop for Men's Grooming Products

That’s why Detroit Grooming Co. has sought out some of the most enviably bygone shoppes around the state to help us provide you not only with excellently handcrafted grooming products and beard oil, but also with the satisfaction of walking into a store, smelling the smells, seeing the sights, chatting with the people and walking out with the item(s) that you came in for in the first place. Convenience is great, but if it weren’t for some painstaking tedium – which evidently now includes so much as walking into a store and dealing with another human being – then we wouldn’t have things that meet the standard of quality for which some of us still long. And that includes Detroit Grooming Co. products.


where to buy beard oil - the ultimate quest


Where to Buy Beard Oil, Right Here!

So, you can safely rest assured that we’ll be there, near you, (if not now, then soon, trust us), so that when you need some beard oil or pomade, you won’t have to wait until tomorrow’s delivery man anonymously knocks on your door before scampering off to fulfill the next impersonal transaction on his docket. You can walk into the local general store and pick up a bottle of Corktown, some moustache wax and exchange a bit of small talk with the shopkeeper who knows you by name, instead. Yeah, that sounds about right.




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