Where to buy beard balm

Where To Buy Beard Balm

by Angelo Ausi | March 31, 2015

Or, Where To Get Something Even Better!

Beard Balm & Beard Butter

Well, the truth of the matter is, we don’t sell “beard balm,” as it were. However, this does not mean that Detroit Grooming Co. lacks a suitable hydrating, moisturizing, soothing emollient in our product line, one designed specifically for the hairs of your glorious beard. In fact, we do, but we call it beard butter, and it’s a fair bit smoother and less greasy than many of the “balms” on the artisanal market today.

Beard Wash and Rousseau's State of Nature

Some folks prefer the heavier, more, shall we say, sturdy feel of the denser “balms” out there, but we’re all about returning your beard to its natural feel, you know, the way it should feel before you wash out all of your face’s naturally-occurring oils in the shower. Perhaps something like light, airy, yet still substantial enough not to blow away with the breeze. Now, we’re definitely not condoning completely unwashed beards, as that’s neither hygienic nor the point, because we live in the 21st century, and people who live in society wash and then moisturize. Seems to be just the way of the world. Gone are the days of allowing your untouched body to produce these moisturizers naturally, just like Rousseau’s state of nature, never to be returned to. And we’re probably all fortunate for this, but whether we are or we aren’t, there’s beard butter for you to replace what has been washed away (perhaps by our Detroit Grooming Co. beard wash, wink, wink).

Beard Butter from DGC's Best!

So, if it’s “balm” that you seek, and specifically that for the beard (as the lip variety is not a very good alternative), then we must sadly send you elsewhere, friend. But, should you be willing to break from the herd and give something new a try, you may just be pleasantly surprised by what you find inside of a tin of Detroit Grooming Co. beard butter. It feels good, smells good, and will have your beard looking even better than usual. Drop the “balm” and butter up your beard today!




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