Different Beard Styles

Different Beard Styles

by Angelo Ausi | June 16, 2015

Which Beard Style Would You Like To Compile?


Different beard style, which would you like to compile,

For your own face that you’ll feel is worthwhile.

Some are quite short, but the long they do sport,

But they’re always better before you abort.

So, take it from me, who has had more than three,

That a beard is just fine, if you’re happy, you see?


different beard styles - bruce willis beard


Stubble is to say, you haven’t shaved in a day,

Which is perfectly fine, if you want then you may.

It never gets in your food or your gin,

And many a lady will consider it a win.

But you may find it cold, or you might get cajoled

Into growing it longer and slightly more bold.


different beard styles - large cropped beard


A shorter cropped beard should never be feared,

As long as you know to keep it properly sheared.

Good for a job, or for driving a Saab,

Still shorter than you’ll find in all of Punjab.

There are many ways, to tend to the strays,

And ensure that your face looks just like Billy Mays’.


different beard styles - full beard style


A beard that is full, you may find feels like wool,

And you may also notice that kids like to pull.

It will keep you warm, even in a bad storm,

Although eating a burger will be hard to perform.

A beard in the middle will give you more to twiddle,

But some might ask if you play a mean fiddle.


different beard styles - wizard beard style


The next we’ll call wizard, which’ll protect you from a blizzard,

And you’ll know when you see it that it’s never been scissored.

Though you won’t cast a spell, some still like it swell.

Just as long as you wash it, it won’t start to smell.

This one right here takes some over a year,

And once you have grown it it’ll cover your ear.


different beard styles - godlike beard style


The last one is godlike, as it’s far more than a Van Dyke;

You better keep it clear of the chain on your bike.

This beard is profuse, and you’ll be mistaken for Zeus,

Or perhaps, if you’re dirty, then a wild recluse.

Tuck it into your belt; don’t step on it when knelt,

And, for Halloween, lightning bolts you can pelt.


different beard styles - unconventional beard style


There are many good fashions, based not on your shaving cream rations,

But rather on what you feel satisfies your passions.

So, grow it out loud, because you know you’re allowed,

Grow it until it looks like a cumulus cloud!

And so never forget that it’s yours to grow yet,

Don’t ever let others make you regret it or fret.



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