To grow or not to grow

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by Angelo Ausi | June 24, 2015

To Grow Or Not To Grow?


It seems as though a number of people are under the impression that “beards are done,” or so they are attempting to propagate. The lowly and chronically superficial folks, whose jobs are to track and quantify cultural trends, as it were, have now declared that beards have run their course and now everyone can go home and shave his off, because anyone left wearing a beard has now entered himself into a state of passé obliviousness that is simply foolish and embarrassing. Give me a @#$%ing break. When my old man has worn a beard for the past forty years (and, I should mention, not paid one single iota of attention to anything that might resemble a pop culture trend) is he now to shave, simply because some self-righteous “cultural expert” has decided that beards are now out of season?

Growing a Beard: It's About Intentions

The thing about beards is that, like every other imaginable style or preference, they wax and wane with an irregularity that cannot be foreseen or presumed by some fashion-blog preacher. If you really feel that you ought to go and shave off your beard because someone told you that the whole big-burly-beards thing is over and done with, then perhaps you shouldn’t have a beard in the first place. It’s not about masculinity or sex appeal or anything else besides true, honest self-expression and representation. When you set out to reveal yourself to the world, it’s imperative that you do so with the most genuine of intentions, otherwise the world will see right through your façade and know that you’ve put on airs that you are incapable of maintaining.

Growing a Beard: A Self-Made Decision

The best advice I could hope to impart on anyone who might be reading this right now is that, no matter what the world or those around you suggest may be the case, you must look into the matter at hand (whatever it may be) and make the decision for yourself, because that is the only way that you’ll find peaceful sleep at night. Listen to the social commentary that is all-too-often devoid of any real comment at all, and you’ll always feel a persistent, nagging dissatisfaction. You must know that you’re the only key to your own happiness, and if you know, deep down, that that happiness will be achieved with or without a beard, then that, and that alone, is the only factor that should carry any water in your decision of what to wear, or not, on your face. Do what you must do to feel whole, not what others suggest will make you “right” in society’s eyes.



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