How To Trim A Beard

How To Trim A Beard

by Angelo Ausi | October 12, 2015


How To Trim A Beard ...
And Not Make Yourself Look Weird!


If it’s time to trim your beard,

Because your beard has grown too long,

Then here’s a helpful rhyme,

To which you can even sing a song.


Never trim your beard too short,

For then it’s not a beard,

But just some stubble on your face,

Which may make you look weird.


It’s also bad to leave your beard,

Too much longer than you should,

For then some people might mistake you

For a professional chopper of wood.


There is a happy medium,

Which all bearded men must find.

Like eating watermelon,

And leaving good bits or biting rind.


Some will choose barber sheers,

To keep their beards in check,

While still some will opt for buzzers,

To clean up around the neck.


What is often most important

Is keeping moustache trimmed just right,

For otherwise, during mealtime,

It will be whiskers that you bite.


So that is, in a nutshell,

How to trim your beard,

So that, to those who see you,

You are both loved and feared.



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