Beard Grooming Tips: What Foods to Avoid with an Epic Beard

Beard Grooming Tips: What Foods to Avoid with an Epic Beard

by Angelo Ausi | November 09, 2015

With Christmas beckoning, you might be wondering the kind of foods to avoid this season as various dishes will be prepared to make merry. Having an epic beard, you might be wondering the kinds of foods to avoid, saving yourself from embarrassment. Here are the top 10 foods to keep off your menu:

  1. Chicken Wings

Despite the crunchy and yummy nature of chicken wings, they can soak your beard with their aroma. You do not want the fluid from these wings ruining your best moment, keeping everyone away from your side. You can opt for salad instead.

  1. Corn

Although corn is tasty and yummy, they tend to stick between teeth. However, eating corn can leave your beard dripping butter when you least expect it. Therefore, keep your epic beard clean by avoiding corn at all costs.

  1. Hamburger

Who does not love a hot burger off a BBQ? Its juice can easily water your mouth, leaving you with the desire to enjoy at least one piece. For hamburgers, you can either mess your beard with its meaty juice, or the ketchup you add to give it some flavor.

  1. Burritos

What makes burritos a tricky meal for your beard is the fact that it has various components. The sour guacamole cream or meat particles can easily fall off, leaving your beard stained. Just like the hamburger, and other foods discussed above, avoid burritos.

  1. Pizza

Do I need to say more? Pizza is naturally greasy and munching it can definitely leave your beard in a bad mess.

  1. Soup

As you try to sip your soup off the bowl or cup, your beard might jump in first for a swim before you even get to taste its delicacy. You have no choice, but to avoid soup like a bad omen for the sake of your beard.

  1. Ice Cream

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Is it vanilla or strawberry? Whichever is your favorite flavor, you must forget about having an ice cream. Just like soup, you beard can be easily stained by ice cream. Avoid it as you do not want a stinking beard.

  1. Popcorn

Despite popcorn being your favorite, you must avoid it. Having popcorn stuck between your teeth isn’t bad enough. You do not want to walk around with the salt, hot butter or even the popped corns hanging on your beard. Avoid popcorn and save yourself being a clown to say the least.

  1. Doughnuts

The pink icing on doughnuts is not good for your beard either. You must therefore avoid doughnuts like a plague, as long as you keep your epic beard, and love enjoying meals with your friends or colleagues.

  1. Syrup

Syrup is as good as glue. If it gets on your beard, you can consider visiting the nearest barber, or have it shaven back in your bathroom. Syrup can easily stick on your beard, therefore, you need to avoid anything that contains syrup to keep your beard clean even after having a heavy meal.



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