A Man's Guide to Mother's Day

A Man's Guide to Mother's Day

by Michael Haddad | May 11, 2018


No matter who you are, you have one. No, I'm not talking about your nose. It's mom! This is the time of year when we celebrate someone who really matters. I call my mom "moms" because she's done far more for me and my siblings than one "mom" could possibly handle. I have much to be thankful for on Mother's Day. 

She's always looked out for us and without her guidance as a youth, life may have turned out a lot different in some of the worst ways. Some of my fondest memories are times when I fell down, physically or mentally. She seemed to always know what to say, what to do. She also had all the answers, like an OG version of Google. As I've gotten older, and have a child of my own, I see my own wife blossoming into motherhood and it's a spectacular sight. What would we do without the love and care of our mothers?


Yeah, that's right. Although the hair on my face has done much for me in the professional world, like starting a business from the ground up with whatever I had left in my pocket in 2013, she doesn't see me the same way as she used to. I know that even though she has her opinion about how I look to her (I'm no longer a bundle of joy at age 38), she knows I take really good care of it. I mean, if you're growing a beard or not there should be a modicum of care and pride in the way you take care of yourself. I'm not alone in this as I've heard this story many times since we opened our doors. But what am I going to do? Shave it and look like a baby again? No thanks.


Another thing we've been hearing lately is how good our butter smells and how it was the key ingredient in romantic moments that lead directly into motherhood. Stork aside. We take pride in that. It means we're doing something right to bring people together in such a way. Take care of yourself, stay sharp, and you too could be a part of a special moment that will last you a lifetime.


I can say that fatherhood has been an amazing gift, and I can only imagine what motherhood is to my wife, who carried this life with her until it breathed the same air we share now. That's the thing though. We assume that when you're born into this world that your mom no longer carries you. The opposite is true. My moms still to this day carries my anguish, hopes, fears, and dreams with her. She carries moments of happiness and pride with her, and she'll do that all the days of her life. Some stuff is a burden, and although I can claim I was a perfect child, I'm sure I was more than what could be defined as a burden many, many times.


I could call my moms ten times a day and it wouldn't be enough. We owe our mothers a great debt for all they've done, all they've sacrificed for us. Some mothers sacrifice a profession or personal life, while others give every spare moment of their time to their children while working 40+ hours a week. You can't pay that debt off with money. Just love. Give it to them because they deserve it and tell them how important they are to you. Not just on Mother's Day, but every chance you get. It's a short life, and they've given so much of it for you. So, happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there from all of us at Detroit Grooming Co. We love you!


Seriously. Call her.