Grooming a Super Beard: The Ultimate Guide

Grooming a Super Beard: The Ultimate Guide

by Angelo Ausi | April 17, 2018

A beard is not just a style. It’s an ongoing seismic event. And the reasons anyone may have to grow a beard are many, although not all of them are in the pursuit of manly looks and rugged adventures. And not all of them are related to that cynical story of a man who can barely drag himself out of his own bed in the morning. For one thing, popular culture have made beards immensely, well, popular.

But it’s not only celebrities (and even politicians like the patchy “Mili”beard) that have spread beard hysteria. Even the least known of men have plunged into the family limelight thanks to simply growing a super awesome beard.

However, it’s one thing to have people admire your newly grown beard after it’s fully formed, but it’s an entirely different thing to have them judge you for a badly grown beard, not well groomed, and just plain scary.

So make sure to follow this simple yet important guide on properly growing, grooming, and maintaining a super beard!


Our first and most important tip: Be patient. Out of every ten men that start growing a beard, about six of them end up breaking. They stop the beard growth process simply because they think it looks way too hard and scruffy. They also mention their nasty beard itch as well. Little do they know that patience is an important part of the beard growth process - as patience is a part of any good plan in life.

-> DO. Make sure you choose a good time to grow your beard. Perhaps over the holidays or a break? Just make sure you have no important meetings in a couple weeks time.

-> DO. Set a goal to strive for. Find that ideal beard somebody you want to emulate and make sure you take a mental picture. Better yet, make it real picture since you’ll want to show it to your barber later on. The picture is sort of like going to the gym. You need an end goal in mind if you really want to get in your motivational groove.

-> DO. Make sure to visit your barber. During the ‘patch & stubble’ phase, and depending on how fast your stubble grows, get a professional barber to have your beard smoothed over with clippers, and also discuss with them your plan on the future shape of your beard (end goal).

-> DO. Make sure you keep your beard clean! Usually at this point, your beard will be dry and flakey, also making it itch badly. This is besides the fact that it’s just plain ol’ dirty! To take care of the cleanliness, make sure to get yourself some beard wash - we carry premium all natural beard wash perfect to take out all the grime and dirt that builds up in your beard throughout the day. As for the beard itch, make sure you grab some of our award-winning beard oils containing essential oils to get rid of the itch and keep your beard hydrated with all the nutrients it needs. If you’re not familiar with our particular scents, you can never go wrong with our Corktown Beard Oil - voted #1 so many times we lost count. This way, you can ensure your beard will smell like the beard of Zeus himself.


The smartest way to maintain your beard really depends on your particular situation and goals - as well as on how crazy your facial hair is. But no matter the situation, definitely keep these following principles in mind.

-> DO. Get very familiar with your beard trimmer’s clipper grades. This is to make sure you maintain 100% accurate communication with your barber! You don’t want to be telling your barber, “I think I use an 8’ at home” which ends up ruining all your precious planning if that trimmer wasn’t set at 8’. For more great information on how to trim & shape your beard, check out our video on the subject:



-> DO. Eliminate unwanted curls and stray hairs by applying beard butter or moustache wax. If you have tight curls, make sure you shower, towel-dry your hair, and apply some of our amazing beard butter. Then comb it through and pat it into shape to let it dry on its own. You can also use our moustache wax if you want to give your stache some control as well. For extra stubborn stray hairs, you can brush your beard - we offer the perfect beard brush for this occasion - and then snip off those stray hairs using a pair of beard-trimming scissors.

-> DO. Apply beard wash to keep your beard fresh, healthy, hydrated, and clean. Always make sure to use beard wash to clean your beard when showering or washing in the morning. And avoid using hair products in your beard since the skin under your beard needs a different type of nourishment than the scalp on your head.


As your beard grows longer, as you confer with your barber on style, and as you keep your beard well-tamed and groomed, make sure to follow these few but vital tips on beard styling.

-> DO. Keep your beard well combed. The important thing is to keep your beard combed. You can use regular combs, boar bristle brushes, and smaller, portable beard combs you can keep in your pocket or wallet. Especially if you got a huge, hipster-type beard, then combing will be your best friend.

-> DO NOT. Again, do not, try to hide your gray hairs. Embrace it! According to countless witnesses, grey hairs are among the sexiest things alive (literally!). Just look at George Clooney, Sean Connery, and countless others. I need not say more.

-> DO. Get comfortable with beard oil or beard butter. Applying the right beard oil will help keep your beard well nourished and hydrated. There are many beard oils on the market but our beard oils have everything your beard needs, in addition to an incredible array of scents including our award-winning Corktown beard oil.

In addition, as your beard gets longer, you can help keep your beard tamed with beard butter - which you should apply after applying beard oil.

Here’s some tips on beard oil and beard butter:


But remember, it’s not just the grey that makes a beard look super nice and distinctive, it’s the fact that it’s well groomed.


If you’re considering growing a super beard and want to take a look at some popular beard styles, make sure to check out our article on the topic: Different Beard Styles

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