Subscriptions and You

Subscriptions and You!

by Shaun Walford | February 05, 2018
Subscriptions are not just for your dad's Playboy's anymore. 

From our friends at Gentlemansbox to Amazon's recurring delivery, getting the things you want or want to try on a regular basis has never more fun.

Here are the 5 best subscriptions you should try (or convince the lady in your life to get for you):

1. Booooze!

Whether it is a nice glass of whiskey after work or 44 beer with dinner, most men like to drink. Taster's Club offers a monthly delivery of hard to find spirits (sorry Bullit Bourbon) so you don't have to drive around to liquor stores in your area trying to find something new.

Check out the spirits inspired products: Lo-Shine Pomade and our Amber Bourbon Black Edition from Detroit Grooming Co. 

2. Steak!

While there are some of us who are vegan or vegetarian, there are those of us who like beef! Kansas City Steaks offers up over 30+ options for the carnivore in you or in your life.  

2.1 And for the vegetarian/vegans!

Vegan cuts offers your vegetarian/vegan options as well.

3. Clothing!

Who doesn't like to look good? Our friends at Gentleman's Box offers up a $25 a monthly themed subscription box full of great products to make you or your man look like $1,000,000....for only $25.

For something more causal to wear while you wait for your next subscription to arrive, check out the apparel section on our website.  


Video games!! I love them, Mike loves them, Matt, loves them, you should too! It's a nice escape to relax after a hard day of work. The folks at Crate Joy offer up a retro game treasure. For $34.99 a month Crate Joy sends a box of classic games from your favorite system (SNES, Sega Genesis, Game Gear, etc).

5.Detroit Grooming Stuff!

Detroit Grooming Corktown

Why on earth would I make a list without mentioning our stuff? Okay, I may have mentioned a few of our products here and there but we now offer subscription services for products like Beard Butter, Beard Oil, Beard Poo, Matte Paste Pomade, and many more. Head on over to and browse your favorite product to see if it is eligible for subscription!