Ways to Promote Beard Growth to the Max! A No Shave November Special Edition

Ways to Promote Beard Growth to the Max! A No Shave November Special Edition

by Shaun Walford | November 17, 2017

Beard Growth Tips & Tricks from the Beard Grooming Specialists at Detroit Grooming Company

By Jake Krusen
Detroit Grooming Company Lab Manager Jake Krusen
Detroit Grooming Company Lab Manager Jake Krusen

 No Shave November

We are all aware that it is No Shave November, but some of you may not know that we are selling some Special Edition DGC No Shave bands, A special thank you goes out to www.rapidwristbands.com for helping us make our custom No Shave November wristbands! These bands are awesome in a couple different ways. The most important thing about them is that 100% of the money earned from the bracelets will be going directly to men’s health charities. Secondly, you get to represent your favorite grooming company wherever you go.


Since it is the most popular time of year to grow out that beard, I thought I would provide all of you with a few tips to make sure your beard has all the tools it needs to be as healthy as possible for max beard growth! There is obviously a ton of information online regarding facial hair and tricks for growing it out. Unfortunately, there really isn’t a finite way of growing an awesome, full beard other than patience and will. However, I want to help educate you all on a few things that WILL promote growth for everyone.


These are my 5 pieces of advice for max beard growth whether you are just starting out or you already have a solid beard.




Regular exercise routines should obviously be a part of everyone’s lives because of overall health. I won’t go too much further on that because it is common knowledge. I’m here to talk about how regular exercise will factor in to your quest for an excellent beard. The biggest way in which exercise can help your beard is that it increases testosterone. Testosterone basically primes up the follicles for growth. Almost like you are fueling your follicles for what is coming. High levels of testosterone will contribute to the thickness in which your beards grow in. Another beard benefit from regular exercise is that it sparks recovery within the body which helps to replenish hair and skin. Exercise will also reduce stress levels which is a very common issue for most people. Stress increases cortisol levels in the body which actually decreases testosterone levels. Since we now know that testosterone promotes beard growth, this would not be good for your mane.




Feeding your body with the proper nutrients and vitamins will help contribute to size, thickness, and overall health of your beard. However, this takes a lot of time and a lot of consistency. You must be diligent with your diet. If you choose to eat a banana instead of a donut one time, it’s not going to make any difference in beard growth. Committing to consuming the right foods and vitamins will make you happier, healthier, and better looking (because of your beard). A few foods that’s are excellent for promoting beard growth are, cinnamon, spinach, bell peppers, peanuts (rich source of biotin), and salmon.




Earlier I talked about how exercising increases testosterone and decreases stress. However without REST, you might as well not bother with the exercising and dieting. Sleep is a very important factor for everyone. It is a time when you are totally able to rid yourself of your daily stressors and give your body the recovery that it needs. It is recommended that each person gets 8 hours of sleep per day. This may be unrealistic for most, but personally I always aim for 6-8 hours. One reason why adequate amounts of sleep is so important is because it regenerates your body’s testosterone levels. It is important to make any effort you can to get enough rest because if you sleep 5 hours or less per day, testosterone levels can decrease by 10-15%! This means that if you sleep for 5 hours or less a night, your beard will lose about an inch per week. I just made that last part up, but make sure you get your rest!



Detroit Grooming Company Basic Beard Kit


This section is very important and probably the most fun. I say it is the most fun because to me, the morning routine makes me feel like a million bucks. Obviously, I am going to talk about our fantastic grooming products in this section. Personally, I have a 3 step method when getting my beard ready each day. I start out with our grooming oil. My favorite scent right now is the Orchard Lake but it changes all the time. I make sure that I get the oil down into my skin and into the follicles. This will ensure that your beard stays healthy and doesn’t get dry or itchy, which will ultimately lead to a healthier and stronger beard. Next, I move on to the beard Butter. I use the original most of the time because it never gets old. For those of you that don’t know, our regular Butter is the same scent as Corktown grooming oil. The Butter is an excellent way to shape and style your beard however you choose. The beeswax in the Butter helps to protect your beard from Mother Nature and the various elements she decides to throw your way. Finally, I brush or comb my beard depending on the length of my beard at the time. Maintaining your beard with a brush or comb is crucial. Several times a day, make sure you’re combing that bad boy. Doing so will help your whiskers grow in certain directions and patterns to achieve the shape you want.


I also take our Biotin supplement. This is a natural product that promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails. I am a firm believer in biotin and what it can do for your beard. Make sure you are taking it consistently because starting and stopping it randomly will not do you any good.




This is the most simple concept but the most difficult  aspect of growing out your beard. You will have a week or two where you absolutely hate how your beard looks and you’re going to want to shave. Don’t. You will regret that decision every time. I have made that mistake multiple times and I’m actually in the regret stage right now. My beard grows at a very slow rate. It sucks, but it is just one of those things. I urge you to stay away from the mirror during awkward stages because you won’t like what you see. However, I promise that if you stay the course and provide your body/beard with all the proper tools, you will have one hell of a beard!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

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