What's in an oil?

Beard Oil - What's in an oil anyway?

by Michael Haddad | September 05, 2017

There you are. Staring blankly at your cart. Trying to decide between the different scents in the exquisite luxury of a beard oil. What is a man to do? What's a man to get? Here we feature a couple of my favorites!

Beard Oil

Beard Oils (also referred to as grooming oils) can be a very powerful implement in your daily routine. Dry skin? Solved. Coarse hair? Solved. Something that smells good under your nose? Solved. Most people stop right there. That's because oils are trusted to work the way they're supposed to. Nourish, enrich, soften, repeat. What most people don't know is that each of our beard oils contain the very thing you didn't know was working in your favor. They're called "essential oils". Surely you've heard this buzzword buzzing around, but what does it mean on your face? Let's take a closer look at a couple examples:


MackinacThis amazing beard oil blend includes Peppermint & Cedarwood. Here's the magic - Peppermint essential oil has antimicrobial properties, it cools the skin, refreshes the mind. It even relieves headaches, improving mental focus. Cedarwood essential oil reduces skin irritations, promotes hair growth, is anti-fungal and repels mosquitos. I mean, honestly, what more do you want.

Belle Isle - This powerhouse blend consists of Lavender & Orange. The lowdown - Lavender is one of the most potent and powerful oils in existence. Sure, it's a flower. A badass flower. It improves the mood and supports brain function. It reduces emotional distress and anxiety, not to mention it s anti-microbial and acts as an antioxidant. Orange essential oil decreases hypertension, eases anxiety, and is a powerful weapon against pathogens and bacteria. These two are a match made in heaven.

This is just a snippet of what our oils contain. Look for our other blogs where we discuss carrier oils and the qualities they impart on your hair and skin, coming to you soon. Until then, cheers! Don't forget to hop onto www.detroitgrooming.com and get you some mosquito repellent...



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