Winter is Coming...

Winter is Coming...

by Michael Haddad | September 01, 2017

Are you ready?

If you're like the millions of people in this world who are just enamored with the storyline's behind a certain bearded author's imagination, you know winter has been coming for some time. Well, winter is here now, and so are some magnificent beards. They could easily rename the show, "Beards on Parade"! Every season bring us thicker and fuller face coverings as if the characters themselves know exactly what's needed to brave the elements ahead. Some are close cropped and well kept, and some grown wildly, befitting the Free Folk's title of wildlings.

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Winter & Facial Hair - 2 Dangerous Enemies

In the real world, where the only dragons we know of can be easily contained in an aquarium, winter is indeed a harsh reality, even without the threat of fire breathing monsters and undead hordes. Wether you step outside for a few moments to travel down a treacherous sidewalk to make it to your car, or it's your duty to clear snow from driveways and walkways, a moment in those harsh temps can wreak havoc on your facial hair.

Beard Grooming Oil, Pomade, and Butter to the Rescue!

The solution is as simple as being protected. While our handcrafted beard oil serve to nourish and replenish your face with what it needs to replace missing nutrients, our beard butter can be a very powerful ally in a place where the elements are unkind. Use it to protect and shield your hair so it'll be ready to sharpen up when you need it most. Any weather, as far north beyond any wall, and as far south as the summery seas, you can rest assured that the butter will hold true.

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