How to Grow a Beard Thicker and Faster

How to Grow a Beard Thicker and Faster

by Angelo Ausi | July 13, 2016

How to Grow a Beard Thicker and Faster

Beards give a man that rustic, rugged look that many women find attractive. Beards are very popular with 55% of men across the world having some sort of facial hair. If you're looking to grow an impressive beard but having some trouble, you are not alone! Many men find that growing that thick, illustrious beard isn't as easy as they had hoped it would be.

Here are some tips to help you grow a beard that will make others jealous.

Tip #1: Eat healthy

Eat fruits, vegetables, and other foods with a lot of nutrients. Your hair needs nutrients to grow properly! Protein is particularly good for hair so look into foods that are high in protein. Eggs, nuts, and fish are great options!

Tip #2: Take vitamins

If eating healthy doesn't seem to be working, feed your hair more nutrients by taking supplements. These are the vitamins that are particularly helpful:

- Copper
- Zinc
- Magnesium
- Vitamin B
- Vitamin D
- Vitamin E
- Iron

There are a number of supplements that are made specific toward the growth of hair that will have most of these vitamins in them. You can find these supplements at your local drug store. 

Tip 3: Be patient

Beard don't happen over night. And the most frustrating part of the process is the waiting period. This period is especially frustrating because of the horrible itchiness that you will experience. Many men can't take the itch long enough for the beard to come in. Don't shave because you can't take the itch anymore! The itch means that your beard is growing out! Be a man and deal with it. You'll be happy when you have your dream beard in about four weeks. One of the best ways to keep your beard from itching is to keep it hydrated with a special beard oil.

Tip 4: Exercise

Exercising can actually help you grow your beard more quickly! When you work out five times a week for thirty minutes to two hours at a time, the testosterone in your body will increase. More testosterone is helpful in growing your beard. Plus, you'll also be living a more healthy lifestyle and have a better looking body, too!

Tip 5: Trim Constantly

When you trim your hair, you are cutting off dead ends. With all of your hair alive and growing, you will see your beard grow more quickly. Don't cut off too much, and don't do it too often. Once a week is more than enough.

Growing a beard can be frustrating for some people. There's no reasons that you can't have a healthy beard if you follow these tips!



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