Best Men's Hair Products

Best Men's Hair Products

by Angelo Ausi | July 12, 2016

 Hair Pomade Gloss Finish | Detroit Grooming Co.

The Ultimate Hair Products for Men!

Grooming is an important part of a man’s life, which is why it’s imperial to make sure that the best products are purchased and used properly in order to clean and style beards, mustaches, body and head hair. Fortunately, one of the best grooming brands offering premium products is the Detroit Grooming Co. This company carries several great products like beard oils, grooming kits and tools, and lastly, hair pomades that are tough, natural, and healthy for men and their hair. One of their most popular and best products include their several differently scented and ingredient-based hair pomades that can be used to moisturize, grow, style, and care for any man’s hair to produce luscious results that will have heads turning all day and all night.

As said before, Detroit Grooming co. carries several great grooming products for men, including their highly efficient hair pomades. Another great thing about this company is the fact that they carry great variety in their pomades that work for men of all hair types and textures. For example, the different types of pomades they carry include a defining cream, grooming clay, molding fibre gum, and etc. However, one of the best pomades out of all the company offers would be the molding fibre gum product, which can be easily used on all hair types, making it highly versatile and popular among men’s grooming products today.

Powerful Molding Fibre Pomade

The Molding Fibre Gum pomade offered by Detroit Grooming should be spread, by hand, roughly through the hair in order to release the fibre gum ingredient that will produce a strong hold and natural shine to the hair strands. All products from Detroit Grooming are to be used on freshly washed and clean hair, especially this molding gum pomade. This allows for the pomade to stick well onto the hair strands and also makes it easier for the product to be absorbed into the strands and scalp for healthy hair growth. On the other hand, dirty hair will not allow the pomade to pass through and will reverse the whole goal of the product leaving men with droopy, lifeless hair.

The Mold Fibre Gum pomade comes packaged neatly in a small 3.4 oz. tin can. It also carries a subtle sweet scent of bubblegum that is not too strong, but will aid in making a man’s hair smell pleasant for days and possibly even weeks! This pomade and every other pomade on Detroit Grooming’s website retails for $17.95, which may seem expensive for a small 3.4 oz. can, but these pomades only require small amounts to used. The amount used shouldn’t pass the tips of one’s fingers, as a lot goes a long way with this product. Therefore, the price of these pomades may be a little expensive, but are extremely worth it, as they carry great longevity and are sure to never run out in a time span less than 5 or 6 months.

Overall, every man should be able to purchase great grooming products that will allow him to feel, look, and be sexy, sleek, and clean. Fortunately, companies like Detroit Grooming co. create great products, like the Molding Fibre Gum Pomade, that are sure to turn all heads to men who use their items.


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