Pomade: Oh The Styles You Can Choose!

Pomade: Oh The Styles You Can Choose!

by Shaun Walford | October 02, 2017

hair pomade - old pomade made of bear fat

Pomade dates back as early as the 19th century. Back then it was made with Bear fat. I'm not quite sure who came up with and then tested it but we salute that person. In this day and age it is either oil or water based and comes in a variety of holds, textures, and scents

"Oh! Is that hair gel?!"

We all know someone, or were, that person who used hair gel in the 90's and early 2000's. Worse than that we knew or were that person who used way too much hair gel. Your hair would become stiff as a board and more often than not there were white clump marks all over the place. Thanks to Something About Mary, it became a way more embarrassing to have happen. While I'm sure that is not the reason, I'm crediting that movie for the end of the hair gel era.

Pomade: Oh, the choices you will make

Like I said in the beginning, pomade comes in a variety. You have your choice of water based, oil based, and hair wax. Hair wax is a gray area as a lot pomades use beeswax in them. For now we will stick with water based and oil based.

Oil and water: They still do not mix.

Oil based pomades are typically made with beeswax as the main ingredient for hold. It is a medium hold, meaning you can slick your hair back if it is longer or if your hair is shorter you can do a few styles with it. The oils used to help soften the pomade will determine the shine too. Use a lot of sweet almond oil? It will be shiny! Lets replace sweet almond oil with olive oil, now your getting a more natural finish. 

hair pomade for men

The downside (as some would consider it) to oil based is that it accumulates in your hair. This means that over time you will use less product daily but still get the same amount of hold. If you want to get it out of your hair entirely you have to stop using the pomade and after a few days of routine washing the build up will be gone.

Water based Pomades: No flotation devices needed.

Water based pomades are a bit easier to use, wash out, and have a better variety of options. From medium to strong hold you have your choice of slick back to spikes as high as The Freedom Tower.

Hair Pomade | Detroit Grooming Co. Hair Fiber

When it comes to our hair pomades and the finishes they provide, we have glossy finish pomades, natural finish pomades, matte, and enriched . Finishes are simply a preference. Some like to look like their hair just looks that way naturally and some like to look like they have used four cans of Pennzoil in their hair.

We also are fortunate enough to live in a time were our products now come scented. I would have to imagine the pomades of the 19th century smelled somewhere between a beehive and a dead bear. Now you have choices! From fruity to spicy, the options are there. Do not be afraid though, as the scents are not over powering once applied. The only way your friends are family are going to be able to smell it is if you walk up head first and demand "SMELL MY HAIR!"

Whether you want oil or water, sweet or fruity scent, we have the options for you. Visit www.detroitgrooming.com and browse our hair pomade and waxes to find the the one for you!


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