Detroit Grooming Co. Bundle Belle Isle Duo - upsell
Detroit Grooming Co. Bundle Belle Isle Duo - upsell
Detroit Grooming Co. Bundle Belle Isle Duo - upsell
Detroit Grooming Co. Bundle Belle Isle Duo - upsell
Detroit Grooming Co. Bundle Belle Isle Duo - upsell
Detroit Grooming Co. Bundle Belle Isle Duo - upsell

Belle Isle Duo

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Made in USA
  • Guaranteed hydration and conditioning.
  • The daily use of this bundle results in a more manageable, softer, and healthier beard.
  • Whether your beard calls for a swift tidy-up or an intensive moisture boost, theΒ Belle Isle Duo bundle is ready to serve.
  • Inside the bundle: Belle Isle Beard Oil 1oz. and Belle Isle Beard Butter 2oz.
  • Fragrance: Lavender and Orange.
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The Benefits

Intense Hydration

Powerful hydration for a healthier beard and skin.

Fights and Prevents Beard Problems

Helps with beardruff and beard itch.

Facial Hair Healing

Deep hair conditioner to restore your facial hair and skin.

Best For

Hydrating & styling your beard


  • Dual beard hydration & nourishment
  • Enhanced beard styling
  • Softened & controlled beard
Prep Your Beard

Start with a clean and dry beard to get the best performance out of the Beard Oil and Butter.

Apply Beard Butter

Scoop a small amount of Beard Butter with your fingertips, warm it between your palms, and massage it into your beard.

Seal with Beard Oil

Rub your hands together with a few drops of Beard Oil and run them through your beard.

Premium Products for Your Everyday Beard Routine

Why You'll Love Us?

We only use high-quality ingredients that go easy on any type of skin. Give our products a try and you’ll see amazing changes in 30 days or less.

Who Can Use Them?

Our products are designed to work on all beard shapes and sizes, either short, long, straight or curly. These are also a great option for men fighting beardruff, itchiness, beard bumps, skin irritation, and patchy beards.

Natural formulation
Cruelty-Free & Vegan
Clean Ingredients
Made in U.S.A
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John W.
United States
I recommend this product

Great Products

Like others have testified, I have tried many other beard care companies. Detroit Grooming Co. produces the highest quality products that I have used. The beard butters are always light weight and break down easily in my hands and do not chunk up and require brute force to break them down like many other companies beard butters. I am a heavy butter user and I love that I can not feel the weight of the butter on my beard. DGC beard butters and oils prevent my beard from knotting and produce the softest silkiest beard! The scents are long lasting, and even refreshing! My top three: Hell, Leland and Belle Isle DGC products are great on the skin too!

Sean J.
United States United States

Bell Isle

This is good one. Reminds me of the orange cupcakes Hostess makes.

Chet P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Great Combo

Both of these products work well together in keeping my beard healthy.

Jeromy P.
Grand Blanc, Michigan, United States

Next level beard products

My new home for beard care products..There's nothing I've tried I didn't like..from the scents to the feel in beard.. it just don't get no better than DGC..

Adam M.
Perth, Western Australia, Australia


I'm in Perth, Australia and buy this product from Detroit Grooming in America as its simply the best. A friend of mine put me onto this company as he swears by it. I now also do too. Here beard oils are almost like putting olive oil on your beard which makes it greasy. Detroit products are supple , quality, smell excellent and much more - hence the reason i pay $50 US just in freight to fly it to Australia. Great job gents... Bravo

Frequently asked questions

The Beard Oil and Beard Butter in the Duo provide multiple benefits for your beard. The Beard Oil nourishes and moisturizes the hair and underlying skin, promoting a softer, healthier, and more manageable beard.

The Beard Butter offers deep conditioning and provides added control and styling benefits, helping to tame unruly hairs and promote a well-groomed appearance.

Absolutely! The Beard Oil and Beard Butter are designed to complement each other perfectly. Start by applying a few drops of Beard Oil to moisturize and condition the hair and skin.

Then, follow up by applying a small amount of Beard Butter to provide additional nourishment, control, and styling benefits. Using them together can enhance the overall health and appearance of your beard

No, when used in moderation, the Beard Oil and Beard Butter should not make your beard greasy. They are formulated with carefully selected ingredients that provide moisture and nourishment without leaving a heavy or greasy residue.

It's important to use the recommended amount for your beard length and adjust as needed to find the right balance for your beard's unique needs.

The scents of the Beard Oil and Beard Butter are carefully crafted to provide a pleasant and enjoyable experience without being overpowering.

The scent profiles are typically designed to be masculine and appealing without overwhelming your senses. You can expect a well-balanced fragrance that enhances your grooming routine without being too strong.

Yes, the Beard Oil and Beard Butter in the Duo Bundle are suitable for sensitive skin. They are formulated with gentle and nourishing ingredients that help moisturize and soothe the skin, reducing the risk of irritation or discomfort.

However, it's always recommended to do a patch test before applying any new product to ensure compatibility with your skin.

To apply the Beard Oil, dispense a few drops onto your palm, rub your hands together, and gently massage it into your beard and the underlying skin.

For the Beard Butter, scrape a small amount with your fingertip, warm it between your palms, and work it into your beard, focusing on the ends and unruly areas. Distribute the products evenly throughout your beard for optimal results.

Yes, the Duo has a masculine scent. The specific scent profile may vary depending on the product, but the scents are typically crafted to offer a masculine and appealing fragrance that complements your beard grooming routine. Enjoy the confidence and freshness that comes with a well-groomed and subtly scented beard.

Results may vary depending on individual factors such as hair type and condition. However, with regular use of the Beard Oil and Beard Butter, you can typically start to notice improvements in your beard's appearance and condition within a few weeks. Consistency is key, so incorporate them into your daily grooming routine for best results.