6 Must-Have Beard Grooming Products for Bearded Men—Summer Sale

6 Must-Have Beard Grooming Products for Bearded Men—Summer Sale

by Samantha Ruggiero | August 04, 2023

After countless self-talk and discussion with friends, you finally decided to grow your beardYou gaze at the mirror, and it is exactly as you imagined.

Your beard looks majestic.

But a week or so later, you notice it’s starting to be out of shape. You worked so hard to achieve that beard. You can’t afford to lose it now. How can I maintain my beard or achieve more beard growth? Are there any beard care tips I can follow? 

Every beardsman is unique, and so are his grooming needs. Different lengths, shapes, and styles of beards require various grooming products. You must intentionally choose your beard grooming kit to succeed in your beard-growing journey.

Why You Need a Beard Grooming Kit?

Do beard kits work, or is it just another fad?

The simple answer is yes, you need one if you’re serious about achieving and maintaining a glorious beard.

For instance, you may need to reconsider if you’re still using regular shampoo or soap. The regular shampoo contains ingredients that will harm your beard and skin in the long run.

It may look like your beard is fine with regular cleaning and conditioning products, but it’s not.

Your beard hair and skin underneath are more sensitive, requiring a gentler treatment.

Choosing quality products designed for beards ensures your beard is always clean, neat, healthy, and fragrant.

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At Detroit Grooming, we believe a gentleman should always look his best—especially in summer. 

We made a list of staple beard grooming products to help you get the best of your shopping experience. 

Beard Oil

best beard oil for white men

Beard oil is a MUST in your grooming arsenal. Beard oils are a blend carrier or essential oils that nourish and condition your beard inside and out.

Those with a dry and flaky beard will benefit greatly from beard oils. They hydrate hair follicles and absorb into the skin to strengthen hair roots and stimulate beard growth.

Detroit's beard oil is formulated to feel light and fresh on your facial hair and skin, making it easy to integrate into your everyday routine.


Beard Butter

best beard butter for white men

Beard butters make your beard soft and manageable, so you can train and style your beard effortlessly.

Natural ingredients like mango butter and sunflower oil help moisturize and nourish your beard while giving it a healthy shine. Plus, beeswax helps lock in moisture and keep your beard in shape longer.

If your beard is prone to tangles and knots, consider adding a beard balm to your grooming arsenal.


Beard Wash

best beard wash for white men

Dirt, oil, and wax build up over time, making your beard look unattractive.

Unlike your head hair, your beard hair is more sensitive to harsh chemicals in regular soap. In other words, it requires gentler treatment and care.

Detroit’s Beard Wash is a gentle but thorough cleanser that removes dirt and debris while allowing the hair to keep essential oils.

Make each beard wash a reinvigorating experience with the rich lather and surprising fragrances of Detroit Beard Wash.

Beard Conditioner

best beard conditioner for white men

Beard hair is more prone to damage, so it requires a gentler approach to cleansing and conditioning.

A beard conditioner is specially formulated for beard hair. Using selective ingredients, it conditions your facial hair and skin without stripping its natural oils.

Detroit's Beard Conditioner with Biotin will keep your beard clean, soft, and moisturized.

Beard Comb and Brushes

A beard comb and brush can add value to your beard routines.

A beard brush is used to style and tame your beard hair. It also helps exfoliate dead cells and distribute oils throughout your beard. On the other hand, a beard comb helps detangle longer beards, as it can reach the underlayers.

We recommend using a brush if you’re a beginner beardsman. Introduce a comb into your beard care routine after around month three of growth.

Those with longer beards will find these two must-haves to avoid the risk of knotting, split ends, or even hair loss.

Beard Grooming Kits

Beard kits and bundles are a great way to get started with beard care. Having the right tools will spruce up your looks and ensure your beard is healthy.

The ones we’ve included above are considered essentials, meaning they are necessary for achieving and maintaining a glorious beard.

If you want to bring your beard care to the next level, try Detroit Beard Starter Pack. It covers all your beard care routine: cleansing, conditioning, and styling. It also comes in different exciting scents.

You can also visit our shop for more beard care options.


The Bottom Line

A beard requires conscious effort, commitment, and passion if you’re serious about keeping a spectacular beard. Listen to your beard. Understanding your unique beard needs helps you take care of it better.

Also, choosing the right products will significantly improve your beard grooming routine; the results can be night and day.

You may need to unlearn a few things, like using regular shampoo or soap.

A bearded gentleman now has more product options (including the ones we recommended) to up his beard game.

See our collections here.

Good luck on your beard journey, and may the odds be in your favor.