man smiling and happy during summer while protecting his beard

How To Take Care of Your Beard During Summer

by Samantha Ruggiero | August 07, 2023

Summer—It’s the perfect time to go to the beach, camp with friends, and even just lounge by the pool. Everyone can just frolic under the sun…unless you have a beard.

To the beard wearers, summer may not be as fun; it’s hot, humid, sweaty, and unbearably uncomfortable.

The relentless heat and UV can take a toll on your facial hair; attending to your beard like you would in cooler months won’t cut it.

You need to adjust your beard care routine to the demands of the sweltering months.

Don’t fret.

Our guide is here to help you navigate these challenges so that you can maintain a healthy, vibrant beard all summer long.

Keep Your Beard Hydrated

man drinking water during summer

Summer means you drink more water as your body becomes prone to dehydration.

If you notice your beard becoming drier and more brittle, it’s time to rehydrate.

Drinking at least eight glasses of water daily will keep your body and beard sufficiently hydrated. Drink more if you’re physically active.

Using beard oil will keep your oil moisturized and protected from the damaging heat of summer.

Detroit Beard Oil is an excellent solution to your beard’s hydration needs.

It provides intense hydration for a soft and supple beard.

It also absorbs fast and doesn’t feel greasy or heavy, making it perfect for the summer.

Cleanse Your Beard Regularly

man washing his beard using beard shampoo


The hot season attracts more sweat, dust, and grime. Regular cleansing helps your beard stay fresh and healthy.

Using a beard shampoo 2-3 times a week helps keep your beard clean and nourished. Avoid regular shampoo or soap, as they can strip natural oils, making your skin dry and prone to irritation.

Your beard hair is different from your head hair. Despite being thicker and coarser, your facial hair actually needs gentler treatment.

Detroit Beard Wash is a powerful yet gentle cleanser that eliminates dirt, oil, bacteria, and pollutants while keeping your beard moisturized. You will also love the clean and refreshing scents of the Beard Wash.

Protect Your Beard from the Sun

man applying sunscreen on his face


Dermatologists constantly remind us to wear our sunscreen. Summer exposes you to more UV rays that can harm your skin and beard. The harsh rays can make your beard dry and brittle. Check for SPF (sun protection factor) on your products. Applying products with SPF can offer some level of protection against UV damage.

A wide-brimmed hat can also keep your beard from direct sunlight.

Trim And Shape Your Beard

man trimming his beard

Summer might be a good time to chop down a lumberjack beard and opt for a shorter style. Trimming your beard keeps you cool and prevents the itchy feeling. Regular trimming also prevents split ends and maintains the shape of your beard.

We recommend getting a professional trim, especially if you’re a beginner. A professional barber knows how to shape your beard according to your face. Investing in tools like high-quality scissors, beard trimmers, and combs are must-have if you want to maintain a well-groomed beard.

Maintain a Healthy Diet and Lifestyle

What you put in your body affects your beard. Eating right and staying active can help your facial mane look its best. Foods rich in protein, vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids contribute to healthier beard growth. Being physically active helps you achieve not only a healthy body but also healthy hair.

Exercise increases blood circulation, delivering nutrients to your hair follicles and promoting healthy beard growth. One study reported that ten young men who underwent sleep deprivation of 48 hours resulted in a 19 percent decrease in beard hair growth.

Your cellular repair process increases during sleep. So, make sure you are getting seven to eight hours of sleep to prevent beard hair loss.

The Bottom Line

Summer can be the perfect time to flaunt your well-groomed beard. Following the guide above will help you enjoy the season despite and heat and sweaty challenges. Remember that a perfect beard requires time, effort, and a consistent grooming routine.

Like the rest of your body, your beard needs its share of nutrition, hydration, and protection from the elements.

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