7 Reasons To Put Our Poo On Your Face

7 reasons to put our poo in your face!

by Shaun Walford | October 21, 2017

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In 2015, The Huffington Post wrote an article on how bearded men have fecal matter in their beards. When you follow their sources you'll quickly learn that they wrote it more to be sensational and relevant than based on real fact. Well, The Detroit Grooming Company decided to take the high road and make a product specifically to make fun of the article. It was meant as a gag gift and wasn't going to be made very long. Well, jokes on us. The Beard Poo Beard Wash is now one of our top selling products. With that being said, here are the 7 reasons you should put our poo in your face.

1. Our Beard Wash is All Natural

Most commercial products contain synthetic ingredients. They're meant to get to the root of the hair to clean. That sounds wonderful, right? WRONG! Using it once or twice because you ran of our all natural shampoo and body wash is acceptable (Just don't tell Mike) but over time it begins to dry out your scalp, robbing your hair and skin of the fatty acids and vitamins necessary to maintain your good looks,  and soon enough you'll be pulling and combing out more hair than you're washing. With an all natural product the ingredients do the work. All you have to do is apply, rinse, and be on your way. No damage to the hair or skin. Don't believe me? Order some and try it out for yourself.

2. It's safe all over. 

When we formulated this product we wanted to make sure the over zealous person (That would be me) could use it on their arm pits, belly buttons, toes, and even....there. Taking jabs at commercial products again, some of those are formulated specifically for the scalp. Why? Because the skin on your scalp is the thickest skin on your body. Those synthetics are made to penetrate the scalp to get to the root. If you use on a softer part of your body such as, anywhere south of your eyebrows, you're doing more harm than good. The only downside to using our beard poo all over is that you'll run out quicker and you'll have to reorder more. We're okay with that though. If you haven't purchased any yet, let me help you with that.

3. The loving touch of Lavender.

Back in the day, people used to put lavender pedals inside their pillow cases because they believed it helped with having a better nights sleep. Lavender oil  helps calm anxiety and stress. Once you scrub the poo in your face you'll immediately smell the lavender and begin to relax. Need a better nights sleep or to head off incoming stress from the workday? We got you covered.

4. It's complimentary.
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No, it won't tell you handsome. That's your mom's job. It will however go well with any of our other products. "Lavender and Bergamot with a Corktown grooming oil?! Icky." No sir or ma'am, you're icky. This product contains essential oils. Meaning they won't over power anything else you put on. Get yourself a basic beard kit and prove me wrong. I'll wait.

5. What's under the hood.

If you really want to know, I'll tell you a little bit. If I told you everything you could make it at home and we would probably have to shut down. Again. On top of the all natural ingredients we add Avocado oil, when massaged in the scalp, stimulates blood flow and puts back all the vitamins and fatty acids that you stripped away using commercial shampoos. Great, now you've upset Mike. Want to make it up to him? Order a beard poo and tell him your sorry.

6. How to use.

I refuse to believe there is a person out there who doesn't know how to shampoo their hair. In the event that person is reading this, I'll give you a step by step how to guide:

1. Pump 3-5 pumps (we're changing the tops soon, I promise) into the palm of your hand.

2. Lather it in your beard.

3. Enjoy the smell. Seriously. Just let the lavender take all your cares away.

4. Rinse.

5. Repeat. Okay, this one is not necessary but trust me you'll want to. You'll want a bottle or two on hand so you don't run out too quickly. Here's a link where you can order those.

7. It's not poo.

By now I have to imagine you get the point of this article. Our poo is not poo. It's poo. So, feel free to put our poo in your face

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