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The Detroit Grooming Story

Everything has a small beginning. – Cicero

In November of 2013, an idea was born, and like some ideas, it happened in a somewhat inglorious way. I had been seated outside on my porch in the blustery cold, thinking of ways to start something great. I had heard a quote, “Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

It had become a mantra and fed an unstoppable aching drive to make a difference in my life and others. Then, my beard started to itch.

I had come inside and realized that it wasn’t snow on my coat after all. I hated it. I tried to grow my beard out and every time I did, I’d shave it after a few weeks because of the intolerable beard itch and the dry skin. So I started doing some research and found out about a little something called Beard Oil. It was our first step to what led us in forming what is now known as Detroit Grooming Co.

Detroit Grooming Mike and Lou on Fox 2

2014 presented every challenge possible. Research and development took much of our time but we wanted to get it right. We blended oil after oil together, kept testing yet kept failing. Scents wouldn’t hold, the oils weren’t right, and negative things started to pile up. In fact, our failures could be measured in height and weight.

Finally, we struck a truly exceptional base blend. One that held scent, was made of amazing plant-based wholesome goodness, and made our beards feel like something truly special. Our first two beard oils were Mackinac and Orchard Lake, followed soon after by the legendary Corktown Beard Oil and the unscented Downtown oil.

Beard Grooming - Beard Oil Collection - Detroit Grooming Co.

The company began to grow organically and the first 5 orders of our beard oils went to exotic places like California, Florida, and Arizona. The growth was gradual but strong and from those core products, everything else was born. Beard butter, Hair Pomade, Beard Wash, Shampoo, all followed and we started to grow into our name and our brand. Our early customers shaped our growth as word of Detroit Grooming began to spread nationally and internationally.

Detroit Grooming wins HOUR Magazine and Metro Times Magazine "Best of Detroit!"

If you are working on something exciting...you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you. – Steve Jobs

We come from the point of view that men deserve something uniquely theirs. Not just for beards, and not just for shaving, but also for all men’s needs in grooming. We’d like you to start and finish your day with us, and we’d love to be on your journey everyday. We promise to provide the luxury of quality essentials to care for your everyday needs with products that actually work and don’t have any cheaply made or quirky counterparts. There’s enough of that in the men’s grooming world and we don’t ever want to play that game. We’ll bring you just the good stuff and some quality content that you can actually use everyday. So sign up for our newsletter below and stay on top of your grooming game..

Although we have people at the helm here, we have a set of beliefs that guide our decision-making. It’s our identity and keeps us focused on bringing you the best in grooming today.

Our core values and guiding principles:

• Compassion
• Collaboration
• Innovation
• Passion
• Dedication

Our core focus:

• To create a globally recognized brand of products that provide great

All of your customers are partners in your mission. – Shep Hyken

We love our brand with a passion only few could know, but we also know nothing about Detroit Grooming Co. would've been possible without our fans, customers, and partners. You are what makes this brand successful. And you are what will keep it successful. And with your help, we know we can take the brand to amazing new heights.

If you ever have any suggestions, feedback or comments that you think could make this brand better, please let us know. Email us at info@detroitgrooming.com, drop us a line at 1-877-294-5826, or visit our in-store Ferndale location at 2615 Wolcott St., Suite E, Ferndale, MI 48220. We hope to hear from you soon!